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April 2022
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5 key takeaways to raising capital more effectively

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If you execute the 5 tactics below, you will have more success raising capital.

1. Build rapport before you assess interest

You will only receive an allocation from an institution that you have a relationship with – so build one. Amazingly, this is oftentimes overlooked or forgotten about. Don’t ask if someone is interested in “investing” until you have established trust. Doing so is a complete waste of time and delegitimizes your position.

2. If you are looking to engage a new audience, take some chances

Remember, you are marketing to people that work within the institution, not the institution itself. These people are busy. You are competing for their time. If you aren’t bold and interesting, you will never grab their attention. It is possible to be both professional and engaging / interesting / dynamic. Take a chance. Say something different, do something different. If you take some “marketing risk” the chances of a higher return are improved.

3. Layer your story

You are never going to explain the complexities of your strategy or story in one sitting. The secret, don’t try. Instead, focus on how to introduce your story in a short impactful way. Don’t try to say everything at once. Be interesting and let the conversation sit. The results will surprise you.

4. Don’t stop marketing

This is probably the most important point within the list herein. Most managers write a piece or two, hit a webinar or two, go to an event or two, and then determine that nothing works. Unfortunately, there is no “easy button.” Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Raising capital is slow and hard fought. You simply have to keep going, month after month after month. The returns for the effort will eventually come, however, gains will not be linear.

5. Implement marketing technology that will allow you to build lead score

Lead score is nothing more than a numeric rating of a prospect’s engagement level. The more engaged, the higher the score. If you aren’t measuring lead score, it is a lost opportunity. Don’t waste time talking to people that are never going to invest. Use technology to determine who is interested and who isn’t. Lead scoring is the fastest and most effective way to accomplish this. If you Google, what is lead score and how do I track it, you will learn everything you need to know.

I hope this helps.

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