About MJ Hudson

MJ Hudson helps fund managers and investors run more smoothly and perform at their best, but that’s far from the whole story.

We have a clear vision for the future as the industry repositions for a new era of asset management.

Our vision

We believe in open, accessible, sustainable asset management.

As asset management enters a new era, it must contend with greater demands. Investors (and their own stakeholders, in turn) want more comprehensive, accurate, and timely data on how their investments are managed and the impact they have. This trend is perhaps most noticeable in private markets, which, historically, have lagged more traditional asset classes, in this regard.

At MJ Hudson, we have developed services and tools to help fund managers and investors satisfy the demands made of them, effectively, efficiently, and without undue distraction from the discipline of generating returns.

Our culture and our people

To be most effective, we believe that we must take a “big-picture” approach to our work.

Clients need support for many different reasons and our ability to quickly understand the nature and implications of the relevant motivations and obligations is one of the things that sets us apart from other firms.

The importance we place on this holistic, empathetic approach means that we need to be very selective in who we hire into our firm. We prize diversity, lateral thinking, imagination, pragmatism and emotional intelligence. We think this makes us a better place to work, as well as a better partner for our clients.

Where we came from and where we are going

Conceived in the midst of the global financial crisis and formed in its aftermath, MJ Hudson began its life as a law firm helping talented investment professionals strike out from the large financial institutions that were no longer a good fit. As they grew, so did we and we began to add, through invention, extension, and acquisition, a series of supporting services and products. We now work with a wide range of fund managers, investors and advisers, across the world, from offices in Europe and North America’s most active asset management centres.

So, what’s next?

We are continuing to invest in our growth, adding scale to existing operations and researching and building new services and tools that will help our clients thrive in the new era of asset management.

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