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October 2020
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Asset management – A holistic view on marketing

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To be successful, asset managers need to focus on three things:

  1. Brand

  2. Discovery

  3. Technology



Brand is one of those nebulous words that no one really understands. This is why asset management doesn’t embrace it. It is subjective, marketing voodoo.

To eliminate any confusion, your Brand is nothing more than how the outside world perceives your firm. This is obviously something you want to control or at least influence. There are two components to building brand. First, you need to understand what is important to you as a firm, and then define what actually makes you interesting, relevant and different. Surprisingly, very few asset managers actually invest the time to figure this out. And for those that think performance is all that matters, sure, it underpins everything, however, can you guarantee your performance? Probably not. Should you build your messaging and positioning around something you can’t guarantee? Probably not – unless you are willing to give the money back if you don’t perform. 

The second component, consistency of communication. I won’t dwell on the point, however, you aren’t going to re-affirm your values and attributes in the marketplace if you aren’t consistently reenforcing such things to your constituents. You need to be seen and heard. It doesn’t matter how good you are, if nobody knows you exist. 



Unfortunately, no one wants to talk to anyone anymore without being informed. Nowadays, people go around or through communication and conduct their own discovery.

What they find needs to be impressive. There also needs to be depth and weight to this discovery. It has to feel sophisticated and progressive. Your website can’t look like it was built in 1993 with bio pictures that were taken at a bbq, wedding, and family vacation. The design of your deck must be aligned with your website; thought leadership should be bountiful; and a video or two, with decent production value, should be accessible. The more informative and impressive the experience, the more favorable the impression. This dramatically increases the likelihood that they will make contact.



The effective implementation of a CRM system and email system (marketing technology), one capable of compiling lead score, is all but mandatory these days. And loosely using a CRM system isn’t good enough. Tracking opens and clicks weeks after an email is sent, isn’t good enough. A CRM system is there to categorize contacts and manage an opportunity funnel. Your email system is there to track the discovery process. You need to know who is spending time perusing your digital materials. Don’t waste time chasing people that aren’t engaged in your story. In short let the “machine” nurture interest. Wake up every day and focus on connecting with prospective LPs that are actually tracking your progress.

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