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March 2021
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Better LP engagement can be as simple as doing less of this one thing

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One of the biggest reasons that your introductory emails don’t elicit a response and engagement simply comes down to TMI.

That’s right – too much information.

As in…the sheer quantity of information that you are sending is literally overwhelming your recipients.

I’m sure there is a formula out there but you don’t need it to know that an inverse correlation exists between the number of words on a page and the likelihood of those words being read. That’s not an industry-thing, that’s an everybody-thing.

Ask yourself – when was the last time you received a four paragraph email out of the blue from a stranger trying to sell you a better version of the same thing that three others tried to sell you just last week, and enthusiastically exclaimed, “Yes!! I was actually looking for another one of these!”

Irrespective of how incredible your performance is, the world’s just not looking for another fund. They already have way too many other choices as it is. It’s not that they can’t potentially care about you – it’s that they don’t have the time to care. And they won’t ever have time – at least not until they come to the conclusion (on their own) that you’re worth caring about.

And getting them to realize you’re worth caring about isn’t easy. People are moving too fast – you literally now have moments to capture their attention. That’s not me being dramatic, that’s just reality. To be clear, I am not talking about clickbait headlines or bright flashing lights in your email – I am talking about generating actual engagement with something that creates genuine curiosity.

At the end of the day, the objective of the initial email is not to score a check (not at first, at least), it’s merely to establish fit and (possibly) get into a warm conversation with some momentum behind it. Nothing more.

Do that semi-consistently, and you can officially declare victory over electronic mail.

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