Fee arrangements

MJ Hudson offers fee arrangements that are flexible, transparent, competitive and aligned to our clients’ success.

Hourly Rates

Senior Associates / Counsel£530-590

Fee Structures

To help better align interest, we offer our clients a number of different fee structures for them to choose from.  Those choices are:

Fixed Fee
Undertake work on a fixed fee basis removing uncertainty for our clients

Abort /Uplift
Agreeing a low abort amount with a subsequent uplift on success, allowing us to share in the risks and benefits of a transaction

Basis Points
Structuring our fees as a percentage of the size of a deal / investment fund

Cash / Equity
Investing a part equity stake in our client’s fund or transaction

Charging lower rates owing to our lower fixed overheads. Below are our current hourly rates (plus VAT, if any).

Most of our client mandates (i.e. over 80%) are fixed fee arrangements.

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