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The A-Z of terrible fund marketing
J – Jargon
Stop confusing clients with jargon! Garry highlights the benefits of using more accessible language in order to put people at ease, build rapport and help potential clients better understand the benefits of your products.
The A-Z of terrible fund marketing
It’s natural to want to highlight impressive returns but too many fund managers fall into the trap of using IRR as a promise of future success. Sol Teague discusses this is a common a trap?
The A-Z of terrible fund marketing
H – Hyperbole
When you use hyperbole and exaggerated language, you can come across as dishonest and inauthentic to investors, and may fall foul of your compliance team, or worse, the regulator.
The A-Z of terrible fund marketing
G – Greenwashing
Stop it! Just. Stop! You simply cannot get away with it. Investors are too savvy and regulators are too focused on the issue for greenwashing to be a workable strategy anymore.
The A-Z of terrible fund marketing
F – Faceless fund managers
What did you say? There’s something different, exciting, special about you? And you can articulate how those attributes combine to deliver that performance? Well, now, That sounds interesting. Tell me more…
The A-Z of terrible fund marketing
E – Everything at once
When you are passionate about what you do, you want to tell people about it. That’s just human. The problem for many fund managers is that they want to tell everybody about everything, all at once.
The A-Z of terrible fund marketing
D – Dead on arrival social media posts
Alex Carlton discusses LinkedIn’s hidden algorithm, and how you can leverage it to your advantage, ensuring your social media posts rise to the top using MJ Hudson’s VELCRO checklist.
The A-Z of terrible fund marketing
C – Chaotic communication
Too many firms build the infrastructure and then struggle to consistently release the content that fuels it. To get the most out of your marketing you need to understand what content to produce, when it release it, and who will do it.
The A-Z of terrible fund marketing
B – Brand baggage
Every company changes as it matures, and a brand must also evolve, to reflect those changes. If it doesn’t, it will quickly become inauthentic. You brand should represent who you are – not who you were.
The A-Z of terrible fund marketing
A – Assumption-based marketing
Strong personalities and legacy thinking can stop a firm from reaching its true potential. No matter how confident or charismatic a firm’s leadership is, failure to ask difficult questions and listen to the answers, can be fatal.
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Our ESG & sustainability services
At MJ Hudson we believe that this structural shift presents opportunities to asset owners, asset managers and corporates alike. Our ESG and sustainability team support an array of clients across the private markets spectrum.
Interview with Igor A. Rozenblit, ex SEC and Founder of Iron Road Partners. ‘The SEC: the insider’s view’
Matthew Hudson interviews Igor A. Rozenblit, former Co-Head of the SEC’s Private Funds Unit and now Founder of Iron Road Partners to get the inside scoop on the SEC and discuss mistakes and risks facing private managers.
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PERACS | Accurately measure alpha in PE fund performance
We help investors make better decisions with improved understanding of the value drivers behind investments. Our specialized consulting provides detailed insights into the key aspects of private equity investment performance.
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Transition management – an overview
Our transition services provide the tools and resources to ensure that transition events are executed smoothly and uncostly. Our core belief is that the best outcomes stem from an honest, unconflicted and customised approach.
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Fund performance analytics explained | Oliver Gottschalg
Oliver’s research focuses on the strategic logic and the performance determinants of private equity investments. A second stream of work looks at the implications of employee motivation for firm performance in different settings.
Delayed exits in VC and the secondary opportunity
Will Roxburgh and Alexander Assim of Alicorn co-host a webinar on secondaries as a growing opportunity in venture capital, secondary market services, growing liquidity challenges, pricing in the market and more.
LP secondaries – who is selling, pricing and bear traps to avoid
Eamon Devlin hosts an LP-focused panel joined by Andre Aubert (LGT), Delaney Brown (CPP Investments), Petra Bukovec (Pantheon), Nic Morandi (Blackstone) and Thomas Liaudet (Campbell Lutyens).
The data driven future of ESG – what does it really look like
In this webinar, ESG experts with ranging views and experiences discuss: the present and future of ESG, GPs in a rapidly changing ESG environment, using ESG data to acquire a competitive advantage and more.
New regulatory capital rules for MiFID investment firms
This session focuses on the new regulatory capital rules coming coming into effect in 2022 for MiFID investment firms and is particularly relevant for those that currently have an exempt CAD regulatory capital calculation.
The costs of investment transition – hit or miss? Co-hosted with Blue Sky Group
Steve Webster hosts a webinar with Blue Sky Group to discuss: global transition manager performance, what drives transition performance, why do transition results matter and were do transition managers make a difference.
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