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Our glossary of terms

AI - Artificial Intelligence

AUM - Assets under management

Alternative, alternative, alternative assets - A subsector of the global asset management industry, which includes: private equity; real estate funds; hedge funds; infrastructure funds; and alternative credit funds

Benchmarking - The process of comparing a firm or asset manager's performance and metrics to other businesses within their trade

ESG - Environmental, social and governance, being factors used to evaluate companies or fund manager's metrics as regards sustainability and ethics

CAGR - Compound annual growth rate

EBITDA - Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation

Underlying continuing EBITDA - Underlying continuing EBITDA is segment profit/(loss) before: share based payment expense (including LTIP); fundraising and acquisition costs; nonrecurring costs; unallocated group expenses; and discontinued business losses

IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standards

Organic Growth - Growth of a financial measure over a given period adjusted to exclude the impact of acquisitions or the disposal of business

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