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October 2019
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Meet the alternative investment industry’s creative Jedi

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Carly Sewell is our Creative Director. She grew up in Aspen. Yes, she is a wicked, good skier.

So good, she ended up competing for a number of years. After a concussion (which explains a lot) and a couple degrees from the University of Colorado at Boulder (neither, apparently, having anything to do with math), Carly ended up advancing her digital design expertise at Emily Carr University of Art and Design – one of North America’s top creative institutions. Her paintings also hang in some of Aspen’s most luxurious homes.

When I met Carly, she was more like Solo than Skywalker, which I can appreciate. I place a ton of value in like experience.

During my first interview with Carly, I jokingly asked if she had ever robbed a bank. She paused. I paused. Hell of a story.

Like Solo, Carly is an outsider and fearless. She routinely walks into rooms and participates on calls with life forms that don’t resemble her own. Her provocative ideas and edgy design cause the people in the room to buck and thrash. I used to feel I had to step in to help, however, as Carly grew, I grew. It is now obvious to me that Carly’s creative intelligence is something very few people have or can hope to control.

After six years in the trenches, I believe Carly is one of the most informed “creatives” within the alternative investment industry. I also believe she is one of the most influential women in the industry – for something that has never been understood or valued, the emotional engagement of marketing materials.

Well done to Carly and her limitless passion for creative – in a world that is just now beginning to recognize the importance of using design to differentiate.

Everyone at MJ Hudson thanks you Carly. The industry should too.

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