The Paradox of Infrastructure Investing: At the Crossroads

Historically, infrastructure investment was dominated by banks, governments and those with specialist operating knowledge. This is no longer the case. What are the strategies for success and the pitfalls to be avoided? This report will try and answer these important questions.

Key Risks in Private Equity Investing (From an LP’s Perspective)

This report focuses on what we consider to be the key risks from an LP’s perspective particularly given the current market backdrop, with the substantial growth in PE assets, high levels of dry powder and as we near the end of the cheap credit era.

Key Information Documents (KIDs): Understanding PRIIPS Disclosures

In this new analytical report on Key Information Documents (KIDs), following the implementation of the PRIPS regulation, MJ Hudson examines the key features and flaws of the new regulatory requirements to provide a KID.

Tax-Advantaged Investing in the Biotechnology Sector

This report examines what “biotech” is and isn’t, looks at some key drivers of the industry as a whole, and then provides a guide for investors interested in better understanding the tax-advantaged biotech investing space.

Tax-Advantaged Investments in the Pub Industry

This new sector overview report on the pub industry examines the key drivers and threats to the UK pub industry, as well as the way in which investments in this area have been made under the UK Government’s tax-advantaged investment schemes.

Tax-Advantaged Investing in the UK Film and Television Industry

The full report examines the world of U.K film and television financing and its future, compares the different models, and recommends further steps an investor can make to safeguard and enjoy their investment.

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