Outsourcing investment operations

Firms who have chosen to outsource middle office operations look at strategic partnerships, and how this supports their front office.

Understanding a GP’s ability to protect value in a down cycle

The ability of a fund manager to protect (and create) value during a downturn, is a fundamental criterion in the assessment of its skill. But how do you measure it? To find out how, download this whitepaper.

Real Assets in a COVID-19 World

In this paper, we discuss some of the real asset, namely infrastructure and real estate, investment trends which have been brought to the fore during the COVID-19 crisis, from accelerating digitalisation to the decline in retail property versus e-commerce.

Safe Storage of Dry Powder – A Committed Capital Solution

In Alternative investing, dry powder refers to the committed but undrawn value of capital, which also must be ready for engagement. In 2020, estimated dry powder commitments reached $2.5trillion which is roughly 30% of the total value in private equity, private debt and real assets (the close-ended fund type) combined.

ESG Insights #2 – The Alpha in ESG

From the very beginning of the ESG movement, about fifteen years ago, asset managers have asked themselves if and how ESG can create value. In our view, trillion-dollar questions are always worthy of our attention, particularly if answering them may help to save the planet.

Risk is what you make out of it … the relevance of ex-ante versus ex-post risk in private equity

In private equity, consistency of returns (and a manager’s ability to impact this through risk mitigation) is a key evaluation metric, but backwards-looking analysis doesn’t tell the full story. To find out which methodologies can provide deeper insight, download this whitepaper.

A new perspective on returns persistence in private equity

“Past performance is not an indicator of future returns”. Indeed, traditional measures of private equity performance cannot predict the future. Thankfully, the MJ Hudson PERACS Alpha is a much more reliable Oracle. To find out how it works (and why other approaches don’t), download this whitepaper.

Alternative Risk Premia Report H1/2020

Financial market performance year-to-date has been extraordinary and dotted with idiosyncratic, systematic, and nearly systemic risk events. This short note discusses the returns of alternative risk premia (“ARP”) funds and strategies during the period.

Economic impact of Covid-19 and policy response

Inflation is not dead… but merely hibernating and about to wake up. Brexit, Sino-US relations, raised trade tariffs and reduced global trade had been relatively weak even before the Covid-19 crisis erupted. In this whitepaper, we look at the figures and discuss the actual economic impact of Covid-19.

ESG Insights #1- ESG in Perspective

Value creation is not the only driver of ESG. By creating monetary value, an entrepreneur can turn a public need into a solution. This public need is what drives ESG. Our practical ESG insights will be published on a regular basis.

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