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December 2022
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Mother Christmas vs Santa

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As is the tradition for this time of year, our resident poet, Daniel Daines, has written and performed a festive poem about Mother Christmas. 

  • We have a unique presence in the South Pole. 
  • Our penguin workforce specialises in building toys.
  • We utilise an ostrich-led delivery service.  

Have you heard of any business that uses these key messages? We assume not.  

In this year’s Christmas poem, Mother Christmas builds a business that is truly best in the market. But despite this, it would have been very easy to position herself in the same way as her closest competitor: Santa Claus.  

  • We operate in a cold, remote location. 
  • Our team makes quality toys for children.
  • We deliver presents worldwide. 

These key messages apply both to Mother Christmas and Santa Claus. And typically, when two businesses sound the same, people are more inclined to use the one they are most familiar with. We are sorry to say that these two “businesses” are completely fictional, but in the real world, this is a common problem for GPs. 

When we researched the online presence of GPs last year, 74% of GPs said that their firm has a distinctive and recognisable brand and voice. However, 70% of LPs also said most fund managers look and sound the same. 

70% of LPs also said most fund managers look and sound the same.

When building your key messages, it’s important to focus on what makes you different. By paying attention to what your competitors are saying, you can get a better understanding of what your strengths are. Be specific. Narrow down on the points that only you can make. With this is mind, you can write key messages that are truly distinctive.  

Your key messages should then become the pillars of your brand. For them to be recognised, they need to be used consistently in all communications. They should be the introduction points in conversations with prospective investors. They should also be echoed across your marketing materials, website and LinkedIn profiles.  

It takes time, but eventually, when people hear your name, your key messages will be front of mind. But this can only be achieved if you repeat, repeat, repeat.

If you are struggling, our brandstory workshops help to identify what your key messages should be. Please get in touch with our IR & marketing solutions team if you would like more information. 

In the meantime, we hope you have a holly jolly holiday. 

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