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11 July 2017

MJ Hudson Launches ESG Toolkit for Private Equity

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The MJ Hudson Book of Environmental, Social and Governance Factors in Private Equity Investing – A Guide to Implementing ESG in Your Private Equity Portfolio is now available.

The Guide aims to assist fund managers and investors in understanding how the private equity market is treating ESG issues and how to quickly evaluate which policies meet specific requirements. To achieve this, the MJ Hudson Full Impact team (led by Karen Shackleton of Allenbridge, Peter Mallon and Natacha Öz, with guidance from Eamon Devlin) developed a simple analysis tool that can be used to classify ESG policies into a six level framework. This Guide was issued jointly by Allenbridge and MJ Hudson.

Some of the Guide’s key research findings are:

  • AUM is the best predictor for ESG policy level
  • Where MJ Hudson ESG Policy Level is low, the ESG policy tends not to be included in PPMs and LPAs
  • Even those managers with an intermediate MJ Hudson Policy Level tend to not include the ESG policy in fund documentation
  • There is a stark difference by fund managers in how ESG is presented in PPMs and LPAs

Aside from the proprietary research completed against the backdrop of this framework, the Guide also presents readers with an ESG Policy Toolkit to implement a tailored policy, shares a recipe for success to ensure an effective and successful ESG campaign and identifies seven habits of highly effective fund managers and investors.

To download the full guide click on the link below.

If you would like to discuss the guide in more detail please contact Natacha Oz from the MJ Hudson Full Impact team -

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