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February 2022
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Why you need an origin story and the questions you need to answer to build a good one

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Hey! You there! 

Yes, you – in the figure-hugging jumpsuit. Why are you hanging upside-down from that building? 

Radioactive spider, you say? Tell me more… 

Every superhero has an origin story – and you probably know lots of them.

Whether it’s a poorly planned scientific experiment, a distinctly unethical military program, or being transformed from the norm by the nuclear gloop (‘80s kids – I see you!), every single superhero has one. 

Why are origin stories important? 

The answer is in the question. It’s all about the “why”. 

They explain why a multi-billionaire spends his nights cruising the streets of Gotham City looking for perps, and why you wouldn’t like Dr. Banner when he’s angry. 

They give readers, viewers, consumers of these stories a simple, memorable explanation for how these superhero characters act in the world. They justify, on some level, the incredible feats they perform and the fantastical situations they find themselves in. 

In a market environment full of people doing similar things to you, why should investors choose to invest their money with you? How do you ensure that when an investor is thinking about mid-market DACH health-tech investing, they think of you or your firm? 

Tell them a story that is not only memorable, but also explains why they can trust you with their money: give them a simple, human explanation of why you do what you do. 

How do you build a good origin story? 

You can start by asking yourself this simple question: 

“Why was your firm founded?” 

Build your answer by considering the following: 

  • Who were the founders? 
  • What are their backgrounds? 
  • What problem did they set out to solve? 
  • Why did they care about solving this problem? 
  • What obstacles did they have to overcome? 
  • How is this still relevant to the firm (how is it represented within the firm’s culture)? 

If you do it right, these answers will deliver an authentic, compelling narrative. 

A good origin story is the platform from which your story is told. It’s what ties everything together. It gives investors a reason to believe in you and advance your case within their investment team. 

So, give some purpose to your presence. Tell the audience, in a memorable manner, why they should care.

If you want to learn more about how to develop your origin story, speak our IR & marketing solutions team.

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