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Interview with Adam Le: Is private equity the North Korea of finance?


We interviewed Adam Le, Senior Editor for Private Equity International Media's private equity publications (including Private Equity International and Secondaries Investor).

During the interview we discussed:

• What the secrets are to getting better PE press coverage?

• What it's like to be a journalist covering private equity?

• What are the challenges and rewards?

• How the industry deals with scandals.

Adam Le is Senior Editor, EMEA, for PEI Media's private equity publications, overseeing the flow of global news and analysis for Private Equity International and Secondaries Investor.

Based in London, Adam works closely with private equity-focused colleagues across PEI's offices in New York, London and Hong Kong. Prior to PEI, his roles included reporting on the bond market and the tech sector for Bloomberg Japan and was based in Osaka.

Adam has an MA in Sociology from Kyoto University and wrote his MA thesis looking at differences between Japanese and Australian journalism.

Zoë Devlin's drawing representing Adam Le with a cartoon drawing of the Tasmanian Devil and more.
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