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Shades of Green

Shades of Green looks at how private market are (and aren’t) dealing with environmental, social and governance issues in their own firms and in their investment portfolios. It also looks at practical ways for managers and their investors to improve ESG performance.


Shades of Green
13 December 2022

Diversity, equity, and inclusion – How can investors make a difference?

Our ESG & sustanability team's Donata and Larissa meet with Elena Espinoza, of PRI, to discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion legislation.

The data driven future of ESG – What does it really look like?

A panel of ESG experts with ranging views and experiences discuss the data driven future of ESG and what it might look like.
Shades of Green
26 November 2020

Taking AIM at ESG – Responsible behaviours that hit the mark for public companies

For AIM companies looking to understand more about ESG factors and why these are now cited as key drivers in investors’ investment decisions.
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