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Taking AIM at ESG – Responsible behaviours that hit the mark for public companies


This virtual conference will be of interest to directors and senior executives of AIM companies, pension, wealth and asset managers, Limited Partnerships and investors in companies admitted to trading on AIM looking to understand more about ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors, including why these are now cited as key drivers in investors’ investment decisions and how these factors are taking centre stage of non-financial reporting.

Key takeaways:

• 18-months ago, ESG formed 1% of the conversation with investors. Today, it is one of the key driving forces in the investment decision making process.

• Companies can no longer ‘talk-the-talk’. It is now imperative for companies to integrate strong ESG practices within their business operations, being too ‘small’ is not an excuse anymore.

• Leadership is necessary: management must act decisively to ensure stable and effective ESG practice.

• Convergence in reporting will be important to ensure the long run ‘success’ of ESG. Furthermore, whilst everyone is reporting on ESG, not every business is doing it well.

• The focus is still on ‘E’, but things are changing. More attention is now being placed on S and G.

• ESG performance alongside financials is going to grow in importance for investors, both in terms of underlying companies but also fund managers as well.

• Similarly, AIM companies can learn that they can derive value by integrating ESG into their processes and policies to enable continued stakeholder engagement and access to the capital markets.

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