Factor investing roundtable

FACTOR INVESTING has grown from a niche strategy to attract sizeable investment flows. This approach assumes that systematic factors – such as value or size – define the characteristics of a security’s performance, providing the foundation for a consistent, rules-based approach to investment.

Multi Asset Roundtable: Not just for the sake of diversification

It’s been a tough few years for Diversified Growth Funds (DGFs). A long bull market in equities since the Global Financial Crisis has had clients wondering whether to keep faith with DGFs. A basic equity/bond allocation would seem to have done a better job than most, according to John Arthur, senior consultant at MJ Hudson Allenbridge, which advises pension schemes on investments.

Alternatives Roundtable: what’s the alternative?

Camradata gathered a panel of investment managers, consultants and asset owners to discuss the attractiveness of illiquid alternative strategies. These ranged from City office blocks to Public Finance Initiatives to funding private equity buy-outs in the European mid-market.
Some of these opportunities are well-known to insurers, pension funds and family offices – real estate is often described as the original alternative. But following the Great Financial Crisis, new forms of debt are becoming available to investors that hitherto banks funded. The Camradata panel began by trying to get a sense of the characteristics of these new forms and where they fit into portfolios at this stage in the credit cycle.

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