Track record attribution (part 4): construction hints and tips

This final article in our four-part series (part 1, part 2, part 3) outlines a number of considerations for new managers to keep in mind when (re)constructing a track record. It is of most relevance for a newly-formed manager with an existing track record but without agreed attribution – and hence access to the necessary…

Track record attribution (part 3): Who ya gonna call?

An attribution scoring exercise can provide a framework for selecting which investments to include within a track record. But how do you provide external verification of the level of involvement of team members in each deal in the track record, thereby validating the attribution exercise and justifying the track record as ‘yours’? This article builds…

Track record attribution (part 2): following the recipe

Being able to credibly claim attribution to one’s track record is a topic of importance for both first time or spin-out fund managers and more established firms. In a prior article we provided you with a framework for selecting, by means of attribution scoring, which investments to include within a track record. This article expands…

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