Audience and asset management

Generalizing, everyone wants 10 investors to allocate $20 million into their fund. I am not saying that it is impossible, however, the chances of selectively identifying 50 prospective LPs, directly reaching out to those prospects, and closing 10 allocations are extremely low. The industry is too competitive, there are too many funds and LPs can…

Effective communications in turbulent times

In these turbulent times, it’s hard to escape the “info-load”. We are inundated daily with an ever-increasing volume of communications, from daily government briefings to special press conferences to hour by hour feeds on our social media platforms, all competing for that all important share of our time and attention. While we can agree that…

Know thy allocator

Any good marketer knows that properly segmenting their target markets is key to crafting campaigns and creating messaging that resonates with their audience. However, segmenting the audience in our industry can be much more challenging than in most other industries. Historically, the allocator were seen as a very homogenous group of people. Identifying distinct character…

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