Carried interest – going beyond ‘two and twenty’

Carried interest is believed to have originated as long ago as the fourteenth century, in Renaissance Italy. Land-based merchants would commission ships to export their merchandise to ports around the Mediterranean, with the ship’s captain and other crew members receiving an “interest” in the profits earned from the cargo that they carried. Today, carried interest…

Private equity fund terms in 2017: What’s changed?

Every year MJ Hudson evaluates the terms of a large, diverse and representative sample of newly-closed private equity funds where we advised either the fund manager or prospective investors. (You can find our 2017 Private Equity Fund Terms Research report here.) In this article we explain what’s changed since last year and where fund terms…

Private equity fund terms in 2016: What’s changed?

To give a sense of how private equity and venture capital fund terms are evolving, MJ Hudson regularly surveys the terms of new funds coming to market. The MJ Hudson LP Unit recently published the second edition of our Private Equity Fund Terms research report, which analyses a large, diverse, representative sample of funds, where…

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