The Cliffnotes of raising institutional capital

Often times, it is hard to see the forest through the trees. Here is a very simplified outline of how to raise institutional capital. 1. Acquire a list of prospective institutional LPs. (We like Preqin.) 2. Categorize the lists according to who is most likely to invest. 3. Use an email verification platform to determine…

Consensus and consistency – Their vital importance

It takes and audience longer to absorb your message than you think it does. This is especially pronounced when language is not aligned. Sure, there may be general agreement on what the primary attributes of your firm are, however, if all describe these attributes differently,the power of the message is significantly diluted. If Nike used…

Build consensus, raise more capital

Everyone is well aware of Nike’s tagline, “Just Do It.” Would it have become as iconic as it has if the team in Texas used the phrase “Get it done,” the team in New York, “Do not hesitate,” the team in California, “Go all in,” etc. My two cents, probably not. Surprisingly, this is exactly…

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