Why centralized marketing matters for private equity

A lot of the collective marketing dollars spent across a private equity portfolio go to waste. Finally, we say something that everyone probably agrees with.   The point we hope to make here, why not waste less – and improve marketing performance at the same time. Reducing costs and driving revenue will have a positive…

Earn-outs: 5 recent trends

In this article, we focus on some of the recent features of earn-outs in private M&A transactions (by which we mean deferred purchase price payments that are contingent upon the future performance of the target business). In April 2017, we discussed 10 tips for structuring earn-outs. Since then, we have seen the continued use of…

An interview with Dirk Steinwärder of Cognovia Capital

MJH: You hold a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Washington School of Medicine and Humboldt University of Berlin. Not a bad thing to have in your back pocket….How useful has your PhD been in your private equity career to date? Dirk Steinwärder: My PhD was in clinical cancer research which,…

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