ESG in perspective

Since our first ESG assignment, well over 10 years ago, a lot has changed. One constant, however, is the opening statement of prospective clients. “What we don’t want, is a box-ticking exercise; we want to see ESG as a value driver. Can you give us examples of where ESG really created value?” Of course we…

The alpha in ESG

From the very beginning of the ESG movement, about fifteen years ago, asset managers have asked themselves if and how ESG can create value. In our view, trillion-dollar questions are always worthy of our attention, particularly if answering them may help to save the planet. In order to show whether improvements in ESG can drive…

LP intel

Attention LPs – Effective ESG implementation Some months ago, MJ Hudson shared a missive on ESG and making it great again.  Unlike some, MJ Hudson likes to follow through on its ideas.  Accordingly, MJ Hudson has since conducted a considerable amount of research and prepared a Guide on all things ESG – a copy of…

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