Marketing – 1000 subtleties working together

Think of marketing as 1000 subtleties all coming together to shape the perception of an audience. Let me explain. I like to pick on BMW, namely because they are brilliant at branding. When you encounter a BMW of any form, think about all of the touch points that have impacted how you perceive the vehicle….

The secret to avoiding the “bucket” (Part I)

“Everyone has a story. The question is – who composed your story – you or the market? –        David Allison, Meyler Capital “Story” – or what we prefer to think of as “brand” – is not about what your company sells but what it believes. Or more accurately – what others believe your company believes….

How are we perceived? 5 reasons to ask this question

Dear Managing Partners, We know that fund management firms can be insular, particularly in alternatives. Few take the time to consider fully how key stakeholders and counterparties perceive their firm. Perhaps you are different…but then again, perhaps not… Now is the time to reach out and investigate exactly how the market views you. And if…

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