Stop marketing performance

Not marketing performance is a very hard concept for the industry to grasp. Some people just can’t get there, regardless of the logic. And the logic is hard to refute. Can anyone out there guarantee returns? The answer, a resounding no. Should you build messaging and brand around something you can’t guarantee? The answer, a…

Why you don’t build brand around performance

You want to buy an electric vehicle. In terms of performance, your primary concern is the distance the vehicle can drive on one charge. Brand 1… all they talk about is the distance their vehicles can drive on a single charge. That said, their service isn’t that great, the salespeople are somewhat sorely, and the…

Why LPs might have ignored your last email

By now, you’ve already heard time and time again that subject lines are the most important determining factor on whether prospective LPs decides to engage on an email campaign. Here, we’re going to use real data gathered from real campaigns within our industry to show you why LPs might have ignored your last email. Subject…

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