Video versus traditional pitch deck – What wins?

This is a very relevant question. It is asked a lot. The pitch deck (aka marketing deck) is an industry staple. Their use is established and required. The exchange of a deck is almost ceremonial in nature. Formal conversations can’t really begin until this exchange occurs. The request for a pitch deck is an industry…

Stop using your pitch deck as a presentation deck

Talking at a prospective LP as you walk through a marketing deck filled with wall-to-wall text and numbers is rarely an enjoyable experience for them. It’s also not conducive in helping you create the rapport and engagement you want. The presentation deck is something that can fill this gap. Generating momentum in your fundraising process…

Is your pitchbook hitting the target?

The pitchbook is arguably the most important document that managers use when speaking with prospective LPs. In this aeticke, we analyze the different behaviors of prospective LPs vs. current investors in terms of (1) “Dropoff” and (2) “Time per page”. We looked at data gathered from a manager which had sent their pitchbooks to both…

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