Private equity fee validation: Turning on the lights

For both U.S. and European allocators to the private equity asset class, it is increasingly clear that establishing a fee validation program can be a very complex undertaking. “Can i get some help over here?”… This could very well be the rallying call for LPs as the face challenges in unraveling their private equity fees….

The revolution of 2016: what have we learned?

2016 has seen a dizzying succession of electoral earthquakes which have made it the most revolutionary year since the fall of the Berlin Wall. To borrow Tony Blair’s words from October 2001: – The kaleidoscope has been shaken, the pieces are in flux. Here are six lessons that asset managers and investors can take away…

Co-investments: Eight-point health check for investors

Co-investments are a good way for investors to get additional, selective exposure to private equity assets on a lower-cost basis. But, economics aside, here are eight more things prospective co-investors should consider. Co-investments have long been a feature of the private equity buyout market. GPs typically allow themselves some leeway to choose and bring co-investors…

The new year; (More) new guidance

New industry guidance increases pressure on managers to provide investors with more information about their funds, especially fees and expenses. But how much will really change? New Professional Standards Handbook InvestEurope, the trade association formerly known as the EVCA, late last year published the latest edition of its Professional Standards Handbook. The Handbook covers the…

Fees and offsets: Lessons learnt

Regulators are gunning for fund managers over opaque or dubious fees and expense arrangements. How can managers and investors get ahead of the game? With most of the new financial regulations on the alternative assets sector having come into effect, regulatory agencies are now devoting more time to scrutinizing the newly-regulated industry’s activities and practices,…

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