MACs and more – 4 M&A trends through lockdown

  While the On Target editing desk has been quiet in the last few months, our clients haven’t been, and the M&A market has bounced back remarkably since autumn 2020. In this edition, as we look ahead to a year of resumed activity, we share a few COVID-19 triggered transaction issues, M&A trends and legal…

Private equity fund economics – what a difference (or not?) a year makes

Every year, MJ Hudson surveys the terms of a large, diverse sample of recently-closed private equity (PE), venture capital (VC) and growth capital funds, for which we have advised either the fund manager or a prospective investor. In this article, we assess the recent trends in core economic terms. For more information, please contact one…

Hedge fund trends to watch in 2019

It would be rash, indeed, to put one’s name to any sort of predictions about what to expect in the course of this year, so don’t expect any here! What we can say, however, is that, based on our work with clients in 2018, there were a few trends emerging which we think may have…

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