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April 2022
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Take risk – Get a reaction

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Most PMs are considered to have Type A personalities. Many have strong opinions and tend not to mince words. So why is it that their materials – websites, decks, blog posts, whitepapers, whatever – are typically devoid of strong statements?

Look at the typical website homepage…

“We are a registered investment advisor that seeks high risk-adjusted returns…blah, blah, blah.”

Could the message be any more sanitized? After all, what manager doesn’t “seek high risk-adjusted returns?”

Look – it’s okay to have a strong opinion or beliefs. It’s these strong beliefs that make you a good investment manager. It’s okay that not everyone agrees with those beliefs. As a matter of fact, if you say something that everyone agrees with, you are basically saying nothing at all. Who needs you if what you are providing is offered by absolutely everyone else and doesn’t make them any better, smarter, or curious?

So, take risk and say something! Anything!! Just get a reaction.

The objective of marketing isn’t to say something that everyone agrees with. It’s to say something that the people that share your values agree with. It also means that you need to say something that some people actually disagree with. You might even get a reaction and piss some people off.

Sure, it sounds too risky to do this, but I would argue that it’s much more risky not to do this. By diluting the message with something so bland to attract “everyone,” you are likely to attract no one – particularly those with the strongest fit.

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