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December 2021
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The power of enthusiasm…

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I have been searching for the one thing that makes one manager different than the twenty others that do the same thing, and, to a certain extent, end up achieving the same result. That difference – the enthusiasm to tell one’s story. 

This sounds rather obvious, right? It’s not. You would be amazed at how un-energetic some are in telling their own story. There is no spark, nothing for a prospective LP to hold onto to remain engaged and/or interested. 

If you don’t believe what you are doing is different, important, and valuable, you need to re-evaluate what you are doing.

Would you attempt to compete against Nike with a shoe that is simply, ok… I doubt it? Figure out who your Nike is and be honest with yourself about your ability to compete. If the answer is no, keep moving and keep trying.

If the answer is yes, are you telling your best story? Are you excited for someone to visit your website? Are you excited to send your deck? Do you feel either of those tools have true stopping power? In this business, the answer is generally no. Most people are so worried about being “institutional” that they forgo creativity and powerful language in order to fit in. The short answer, don’t. You can be both institutional and intriguing. Say big and powerful things, add color, and look different.

Enthusiasm is contagious. Those people with it, know they have it. It changes rooms. It changes outcomes. Learn how to channel that enthusiasm to quickly qualify interest. Every room is an opportunity. Within two minutes of being in that room, you should be saying, “If that isn’t of interest to you, then we aren’t the right fit.”

In sales, when enthusiasm is paired with trust, big things tend to happen.

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