After around ten years in more traditional law firms, I wanted to try something different: a different environment; a different culture.

MJ Hudson has given me scope to do what I wanted to do. From my first interactions with the firm, I could see that it was a dynamic place, where there was opportunity to run with things independently and also the space to grow with your team. You aren’t constrained by a firm ‘history’.

If you have a bright idea which makes some commercial sense to our clients, you are encouraged to run with it. That’s refreshing.

And I spend my week with some of the most down to earth people I’ve worked with. MJ Hudson is a unique place. The law firm is at the heart of the business, but our other business lines make us attractive to clients and set us apart from our competitors. Alongside legal advice and related services, we can support our clients in a number of additional ways that other law firms can’t.