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August 2019
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Your passion is what sells

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Relying on websites and pitch decks to tell your entire story isn’t going to win you business.

I see it happening all too often – too much time and energy is spent on trying to make websites and pitch decks absolutely perfect. People try and convey their entire story and thought-processes over way too many pages. Our attention spans are at an all time low – thanks to technology, it’s hovering around 8 seconds to be exact. It’s important to remember that up front, people don’t have the patience to read through all of your content and even when people do, if it’s confusing or too comprehensive, they won’t bother reading it at all.

Simply put, pitch decks and websites should be used as hooks.

Your ability to vocalize, differentiate, and sell your core values and investment process is what will win investors over. And positive performance is a no-brainer here, but we all know that.

And that’s another thing, there are thousands of others out there who are doing pretty much the same thing as you and have great performance too. So how will you stand out?

  • Design.

  • Clean, concise and magnetic content.

  • Having passion and conviction in what you’re selling.

Whether it’s a website or marketing deck, firms like ours help tell your story in a compelling way, with unique creative to give a visual edge. But after that, it’s your time to shine.

The deck or website won’t ‘sell’ them – but your story, passion and conviction will.

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